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Children’s Books about Emotions and Mindset

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Check out these fantastic books for little beings! Designed to help with one of life’s most important skills: emotional balance.

They create connection between parents and children and open up conversations about BIG emotions and common mindset limitations. A must have in any family!

The English version of these stories was fully funded on Kickstarter, and the books are in the printing process as we write! There is still time to order a copy and see what all the hype is about!

Hello + Welcome to Happy Baby Brain! 

Happy Baby Brain helps families enjoy their best possible lives through smart play, mindfulness and emotional balance. 

We have awesome ideas for deep-rest, self-care and parenting happiness throughout this site. As a parent, you need to look after yourself first in order to be enough for those who need you the most.

Feeling stressed? Take a look at our meditations for pregnant mamas and time-poor parents.

We share information about brain boosting foods, grabbing mindful moments during demanding days as well as opening your heart to emotional understanding in the home.  

If ‘Baby Brain’ is an inevitable part of parent-life, why not make it a HAPPY Baby Brain? 


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