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A Little Bit of Self-Care in our Family - Happy Baby Brain

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A Little Bit of Self-Care in our Family

A Little Bit of Self-Care in our Family

Following from last week’s blog about self kindness, I knew I needed to take action on an act of self-kindness for myself and ultimately for our family.

As a part of our decision to make time for ourselves we decided to take up a new hobby independently of each other and of little M. In addition to loving me, Makke has always had a weird, deep, obsessive love of… ice-hockey. He gets excited by visiting ice-hockey shops, he checks sports results religiously and if I agreed, he would sit around happily in his full ice-hockey outfit just because he can.

Makke loves icehockey

Recently he needed to have his skates sharpened so he enthusiastically took little M to the ice-hockey shop for his first touch of the puck…

Needless to say, we haven’t yet mounted the ice-hockey stick on the living room wall but I think Makke is trying to work out ways to integrate such an idea with our interior design plan…

Even little M has joined the ‘dark-side’…


So, once a week, with an equipment bag bigger than our front door, he joins other like-aged men with similar dreams and enjoys a couple of hours of ice-hockey.






So what is my idea of self-care? Eating well, sleeping, dancing, meditation…many things. But for now, I knew that my priority would be mindfulness as well as movement.

And holy cow I have found it! Helsinki’s best kept secret…. NIA.

I signed up for a class, and kept my heart open. (I tend to criticise these experiences easily and am really good at making excuses as to why I shouldn’t continue them…) Well, I am now four weeks in and it is really such fun. I can’t wipe the smile off my face as we collectively move mindfully to the simple routines and stretches. Each class has a physical focus and mental intention (usually of a body part and a movement focus). For me, the music is powerful and deep and somehow during that hour I focus inward, forget everything I know and let the music move me. Even the bus ride to and from the class is an act of self-kindness for me as I can sit unencumbered and really appreciate being alone.

So that’s it! Nice and simple. I feel so relieved that Makke and I have both made the step towards doing things for ourselves. It took us a year to implement such a simple plan, but I guess that was how long we needed.

Integrating one act of self-kindness into our week has definitely improved our feelings of happiness in pursuing meaning in our lives. I know this isn’t always an option for some people due to lack of baby sitting resources but if you can manage it, you won’t be disappointed.

How about you? If you could do one thing for yourself, one hour a week, what would it be? Remember that even creating a goal or intention can be a great first step into manifesting it into your reality.

So go on, what is it?

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