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Hi there!

I’m Melissa- the accidental author behind these books!

When I am not sweating it out in a sauna, I am usually found staring into space wondering how on earth I ended up in the Nordics… or what I will cook for dinner that night. Equally important topics!

When I wrote these stories, I never imagined how warmly they would be welcomed into the homes and hearts of families around the world. This makes me feel so grateful! And so humbled. Via these stories, I have created the opportunity to help myself and my own little family practise life’s most important skill- emotional balance.

Every day is another chance to create a little more distance between our (sometimes overwhelming) emotions and our reactions to them. Writing these stories and investigating my own emotions via mindfulness has helped me achieve this ‘space’. I offer these books in the hope that readers young and old, might begin to notice the same…

Thank you for visiting my site. May you be well, peaceful and safe.

With loving kindness,