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Hello and welcome! I’m Melissa.

Just like you, I am a heart-centred, loving parent with dreams of fun, wellness and contentment for my little family.

Just like you, I want to find the best and easiest way to achieve this.

Many parents want the best for their family- physically, emotionally and nutritionally. I’ve created this site to share the ways that have worked for us so far and invite you to enjoy some or all of what is offered. Parenting is a ‘learning-by-doing’ job. It is also a never-ending process.  

Like you, I haven’t yet come across the ultimate definitive research about how best to raise a child and nurture an ever-evolving family successfully. There is plenty of research out there but who has the time to wade through it all? Luckily I am a nerd when it comes to this sort of stuff and my husband and I love to learn by researching and doing. 

I am constantly reading, up-skilling and trying different things- until something works… (and then doesn’t because nothing is permanent!) 

In addition to life experience, which I take most seriously, I have some formal training. I have a Master of Education, Mindfulness Teacher Certification (CEB) and Holistic Health Coach Certification. 

Everything I endorse, create or share has been tried and tested by me and my family first! Please, take the time to poke around this site. Take what you need at this moment and leave the rest.

With Kindness,