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Free Child Nutrition Course! - Happy Baby Brain

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Free Child Nutrition Course!

Free Child Nutrition Course!

Since completing my health and nutrition coaching certificate, I have a hunger for more and more courses about the topic. I LOVE food!

Even though I have always cooked and prepared food from an intuitive space, it is fascinating for me to find out more and more regarding the geeky stuff about the science of food and the benefits it brings.

But then, I stumbled across another course. It’s free, it’s short and it is for everyone! If you are curious about cooking for your family on a more regular basis, this is a great simple course. The author of the course has even published a paper about the outcomes of the course (all positive) here.

Below is a link to an excellent FREE course (no strings attached!) from Stanford University about child nutrition. It comprises about 5 hours of videos and quizzes that you can take at your own pace. It is truly a great starter for parents who want to learn the basics about what to feed their children.

They have even published a study about its success here.

My big ‘take away’ from this┬áparticular course is about the fact that feeding your children home cooked food is not only a great nutritional start for them, but also a great emotional start.

Eating as a family can improve nourishment of the body, mind and being.

Children who eat home cooked food as a family have a greater chance of building their emotional awareness and resilience! What a bonus!

Who knew a plate of food could deliver such fullness?

Click on the link below to enjoy all (or a bit) of this fantastic free course.



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