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How mindfulness can help you find a glass of water

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How Mindfulness Can Help You Find a Glass of Water

How Mindfulness Can Help You Find a Glass of Water

These days, mindfulness has definitely gained traction. In a way, we are so saturated with the concept of mindfulness that it is hard to know where to start or what to do!

Part of mindfulness is getting to know oneself more deeply. For me, this means, listening to my own needs and acting upon them.

It is a slow and windy road…

Before parenthood, the ‘M-Word’ had more to do with formal practice. I would say now, that it was somewhat of a ‘luxury’. Taking time out for meditation retreats, sitting quietly in my own home or participating in community meditation groups in the process of raising my own awareness. It sounds heavenly. It was…

Post birth, it is an entirely different matter. Mindfulness means noticing. It means playing with sustained attention. It means being present with my child in a positive way (i.e., not the presence that comes with directing said child to follow instructions or behave in a certain way).

It means taking time to attend to simple tasks. It means really going back to basics. Not only with my child- but myself.

“Putting the oxygen mask on before attending to others…” That old nugget is another well-worn phrase these days and it is definitely easier said than done… But what else are you going to do? Give and give and give until you have nothing left to give?

Positive affirmation card

How many of us are really mindful of our own needs during daily family life?

As Arianna Huffington says, ‘…We take better care of our smartphones than we do of ourselves. We know how much battery is left on our phones, but do we know how much battery we have left?

So, being mindful can help us to look after ourselves. Mindfulness with kindness is the best combination. Starting with kind mindfulness towards yourself.

Some of the moments on the following list may sound silly but I truly neglect myself in the most basic sense. According to other mothers that I speak with, I am not alone. Can you relate?

• If I am practicing mindfulness, I can feel that I am thirsty and get myself a glass of water at that moment rather than hours later.

• If I am practicing mindfulness, I can feel that my feet are cold and I need to fetch a pair of socks.

• If I am practicing mindfulness, I can feel that I am hungry and while busy preparing food and caring for everybody else, I have forgotten to stop and feed myself.

And here’s the big one…

• If I am practicing mindfulness, I can catch myself during an emotional meltdown with my child. I can stop. And breathe. And be present.

As John Kabatt-Zinn says, “…mindfulness means putting out the welcome mat for things as they are…” And sometimes things are s%&t. Often things are overwhelming.

But the more we try to ‘sit’ with these moments and even dive into them, we can become used to accepting them as well as doing something about them if necessary.

Investing in your own well-being is the most valuable gift to you and your family.

What will you do for yourself today?

How about starting with a glass of water?

2 Responses to How Mindfulness Can Help You Find a Glass of Water

  1. I am off to get myself a glass right now…oh and to prepare my breakfast which I skipped between feeding kids and trying to start working whilst the kids are amused (for that precious 1/2 hour) 🙂

    • One glass down and 1 million to go… 🙂
      Why is it so hard to juggle family life with ‘me-life’…?
      But good start with the water beautiful mama. Drop by drop… xoxo

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