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Children’s Books about Using Mindful Solutions for Big Emotions.

Can we can help our children to understand, analyse, express and regulate their emotions?

The answer is yes- but how?

As a former teacher and now parent to a spirited child, one of the most important things I have learned is that a ‘one size fits all’ approach does not work for every person or in every situation. Another thing I have learnt is that no child likes to be lectured about how to manage their behaviour. Instead we need to become emotion coaches for our kids and one way we can do this is to connect and remain present with them and their feelings.

Storytime in our house is a really lovely way that we all connect. Whether it’s a made up story or one out of a book, it is a great to time build connection and presence with our son as well as a great time for learning.

This is where Manny the meatball comes in. He is a cute little guy who loves rolling around with his foodie friends. He is a sweet little ball of goodness who goes through the ups and downs of common moods, emotions and thinking patterns.

Manny is joined by his friends Crispy Carrot and Benjamin Broccoli and is often guided by his Aunty Sage, who has a lot of experience with the BIG emotions and ‘stinking thinking’.

Through simple but powerful story telling, Manny faces his emotions and solves related challenges using a little help from his friends and family as well as mindful practice. Each book even comes with some handy notes for adults related to the topic at hand!

The first two books in the series are about the topics of anger and mindset. Currently they are available in English and Finnish.

What is so great about these books?

  • First, these are fantastic and entertaining stories for both children and parents.
  • Second, they address common daily emotional waves and suggest gentle and practical ways to honour and move through them.
  • Third, they are a sweet and enjoyable read for both parents and children, with fantastic illustrations by Shirley Harvey.
  • Fourth, they help children and parents cultivate emotional balance.

P.s. While you are here, have a look at this awesome video explaining the books and their purpose!








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