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Oil Pulling- What the?? - Happy Baby Brain

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Oil Pulling- What the??

Oil Pulling- What the??

The latest ‘craze’ of oil pulling has been hitting the blog waves so I had to give it a go just to see what all the hype is about. I’ll try anything! The old Ayurvedic practice of oil pulling has been claimed as a way to detox after a hangover or simply whiten your pearlies. People claim that it has great health benefits including squeaky clean teeth, better breath, stronger teeth and gums, cavity and gingivitis prevention, and even alleviation of headaches!

Oil pulling is the process of swishing an edible oil around your mouth for about 10 to 20 minutes. Preferably upon waking and preferably on an empty stomach.

‘The Do’

Pick an edible oil such as sesame, coconut or sunflower.

Take about a tablespoon into your mouth and start swishing.

Don’t go crazy as your jaw may start to hurt after a few minutes of wild swishing! Gently swish it around your mouth as you sit and meditate or as you go about your morning tasks.

Once the 20 minutes are up spit it into the bin or the toilet (not the sink). The oil should be milky now and doubled in volume…

Next, rinse with some sea salt and water and brush teeth thoroughly with a good toothpaste.

My mouth jury is still out on this practice but at the very least it is an excellent mindfulness task if you can squeeze it into your morning routine. Even with the baby, I have found that I can still manage without words for at least 10 minutes!

How about you? Have you tried it yet?

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