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Parenting Happiness Seminar

We all have dreams of being good parents and partners. However, these days, parenting is a tricky business. Our lives are busy, we are overwhelmed with conflicting information, and often we don’t take the time and space to reflect upon our process of parenting.

You just know that there is more to parenting than ‘keeping the kids alive’. You have a desire to be the best possible version of yourself using your existing knowledge as well as current scientific evidence. You would love to take a day for yourself to continue your learning journey in this crazy world of parenting.

There is a slew of research, many opinions, and countless parenting styles- yet nobody does it perfectly.

Our  unique seminar experience will open your mind to an array of ideas from 5 of the most dynamic and influential experts in parenting processes. Come along for a relaxing, entertaining and thought provoking time where you will meet other fantastic parents while learning about cutting edge, practical parenting tools.

You will spend the day soaking up wisdom from practicing parenting thinkers and doers while opening your heart to better self-care and better overall family-care. Through inspiring stories and practical guidance, you will learn how to bring more joy, appreciation and actionable tools to your parenting tool kit in a fun and engaging atmosphere.

Who is this seminar for?

In a nutshell, this seminar is for:

  • Enthusiastic parents and parents to be.
  • People interested in learning how to integrate cutting edge science with daily parenting practice.
  • People who want to upgrade their family life.

Each year our Parenting Happiness Seminar takes place in Helsinki, Finland. At the moment the event is mostly in Finnish but we are working on taking the event around the Nordic region and offering online tickets so people all around the world can tune in English.

The 2017 Parenting Happiness Seminar takes place on the 2nd os September, at Sellosali in Espoo. Come join us for an uplifting and inspiring day of speakers, topics and discussions! Click on this link for more details in Finnish, and meanwhile, have a look at some pretty pictures from last year’s event!



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