Manny Feels Mad- A story about hitting the pause button on anger.


Learning about life’s most important skill… Emotional Balance.

Fun & simple books for children (and adults!) about navigating everyday emotional challenges, using mindful solutions.

You’ll love these books because they entertain AND teach about everyday emotions that we all encounter right into adulthood.




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These game-changing books help you and your family with managing those big emotions. Read on and find out how…

Connecting with your child via story is fun and easy. And these books help you do that, as well as open conversations about emotions that you might not normally have.

Each story in the series guides you through an everyday emotion or thought pattern and invites discussion about how to move through big emotions without harming oneself or others. There are even parent notes at the back of each book- so you can learn more about what the science says is the best way to handle it with your child.

Through simple but powerful story telling, Manny (the world’s cutest meatball), faces his emotions and solves related challenges using a little help from his friends and family.

Sometimes, instead of direct ‘teaching’ it’s just easier to explore these feelings side by side in a non-confrontational way, via a medium such as a book!

The emotions and thought patterns that we experience daily are not the problem but sometimes our accompanying behaviours are. So using the ideas from cutting edge behavioural research as well as mindfulness tools, I wrote these books. To help people like you and me, open up these conversations, in a gentle way with our kids.

The target group is kids aged 3 and above, who love a good story and a good laugh. Not only are these fun and whimsical stories, they entertain AND teach!

What’s not to love?

Manny Feels Mad- A story about hitting the pause button on anger, is perfect for you if:

You sometimes wonder how to manage your child’s anger (or your own) during the tough times.

You need a quick ‘how to’ guide about emotion coaching. (Each book comes with some handy science-based notes for adults related to the topic at hand.)

You would like to create more connection with your child/ren.

Buy one. Buy both. You won’t be disappointed!

These books are a must for both children and parents alike!

Quick Specs: 44 Pages, Soft Cover, Perfect Bound, 21 x 21cm, 170gsm Paper.

Weight: 180gm

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