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Smoothies for a Happy Baby Brain! - Happy Baby Brain

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Smoothies for a Happy Baby Brain!

Smoothies for a Happy Baby Brain!

We love a good smoothie… and I’m not just talking about your good old fruit and yoghurt blend.

While the fruit and yoghurt combo has it’s place, we find that the best way to sneak raw veggies into little M’s diet is via a glowing green smoothie. He LOVES it just as much as we do- if not more. We pour it into a jar, stick in a straw and he is good to go!

We used to be mad juicing fans and I drank a lot of celery, ginger and carrot juice while pregnant. I used to wonder why people even bothered with smoothies because I actually enjoy eating all of the ingredients separately… on a plate.

But nowadays, we find that we can’t luxuriate over a big green salad like we used to, so why not blend it up and drink it up?

Also, there is no way that at 1 year old, little M would eat a plate of spinach, cucumber and celery so it feels good to give him a ‘salad through a straw’ most days of the week.

So here’s our basic daily green smoothie. We add spirulina and wheatgrass but if you don’t feel confident giving such superfoods to your bub- no worries, leave them out!

Happy Baby Brain Smoothie
Two sticks of celery (chopped)
Half a large cucumber (chopped)
100 grams of baby spinach
1 cup fresh or frozen fruit (we use mango, papaya & pinapple mix)
1 cup of filtered water or coconut water
1 tablespoon of spirulina
1 tablespoon of wheatgrass
1 teaspoon lucuma powder

Place all ingredients in blender (with or without superfoods) and blend until smooth and creamy.

Serves three big hungry glasses.

 Smoothie baby

P.s You can add anything really! We basically use whatever is in the fridge and the veggies are not limited to those listed in the recipe. We have also used herbs such as mint and parsley, other veggies such as salad leaves, peas and beetroot, and we have added other supplements such as pro-biotics, digestive enzymes… you name it!

Your imagination is your guide!

What is your baby’s favourite smoothie combination?

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